Baby now I’m heading South

by bobshrag


Somehow we’re in first class seats again on the train home. Apart from Steph of course. She knows her place. Not that she’s missing much. A complementary bag of unsalted crisps, an apple and stuttering wifi. Oh yeaaaaah! As Andy Miller would say. There is an egg and cress sandwich waiting for me in Preston. How the other half live.

We are exhausted. Recording is hard work for us. It sounds so easy. Write some songs. Record them. Release them. The reality is a producer’s voice in your headphones calmly saying “one more time” for the fifteenth time before uttering the dreaded words “let’s take a five minute breather”.

So the album isn’t finished. We head south empty handed. 10 days was not enough. 11 days was still not enough. Three quarters of the new Shrag album is 350 miles away in South Lanarkshire. So it’s nearly there. Andy says it’s missing the ‘icing’. But that sounds a bit twee. I’ve still got screaming feedback ringing in my ears so I shouldn’t be overly concerned with such things.

Shaun Gargleblast’s dog paid a visit today. Shaun came too. His dog was a lady cocker called Pippa and Steph was convinced that she hated me. She didn’t. She loved running through puddles. Dirty bitch. I like Shaun a lot. And Pippa too.

Last night was not that successful. I dropped my iPhone in the bath and burnt my middle left finger on a sizzling hot plate. If I had less things on my mind this might have bothered me. My iPhone is now entombed in a tub of Sainsbury’s ‘basics’ rice and I had to cut down on my virtuoso finger tapping for today’s session. But then again I had a great evening in Glasgow with my girlfriend and an amiably pissed up Russell. I’ve come to the conclusion that Glasgow is one of my favourite cities on this island of ours. If they could sort out that weather problem I’d be all over it.

Steph just came to first class to get some free coffee.

When we left Andy Miller today he said it had been ’emotional’. I don’t think he was joking. I like Andy Miller a lot.

One day soon we’ll have an album. Sorry it wasn’t today.