your city had the best of me

by helenshrag

Ok, well we’re doing an extra day with Andy tomorrow. And then will be returning to Hamilton as soon as we feasibly can/Andy is next free, in order to complete the record. I had these visions of sitting on the train back to London, staring out the window at the wind turbines and mountains and all that outrageously beautiful scottish/cumbrian scenery and listening to our new record with my headphones on and feeling happy and like everything was ok and possible and all that…but even though that isn’t going to happen, it’s still ok. and possible and everything. The songs are already sounding bigger and more exhilarating than we deserve and despite the discrepancy between our plans and the reality we wouldn’t want it any other way. We feel bad to Jerv and Sean who are putting out the record cos we all made this big impressively structured plan for the year in terms of release dates etc and it looks like that is gonna be fucked with now, but them being them means they are being wonderful and understanding to us, obviously, and we are the luckiest group of morons in the world ever

We are sat in our posh Glasgow apartment now, talking about what we have learned. learnt.learned ? Is our blog american. Anyway as Steph just announced to us: “Next time, we should just remember: ten days is not enough for anything.” This is generally true. nothing is ever enough for anything

Steph and I have spent the last 20 minutes trying to sing our songs to each other in various different global accents. We suspected we may have been bordering on racist so we stopped, and now Steph is whispering sweet somethings to her new boyfriend in the hallway while I lie back and think of Hamilton.

oh, and btw RESULT!!!!!!!, Andy Miller has finally cracked and is now saying “dirty bastard” on a regular basis, though he has developed his own unique version of it where he suddenly just shouts “DB!!!!” in a big Scottish brogue when for e.g. bob says something like “those duvets in the halls of residence were shit. Every night I was poking out the bottom”. As Russell and Sean both said, we’ve TOTALLY GOT HIM NOW

so glasgow is pretty and like gotham again, and the accent is hot, as ever. weirdly we’re in first class on the train again tomorrow;  pallid fake meat,  inter-band bickering, and delusions of grandeur await.