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Toddler on the run

by stephshrag

I had a dress down day today.

Ill advised.

When you wear casual clothes

you become lazier.

If I wore a tracksuit all day

I’d get nothing done.

It’s like wearing a baby grow.

Adults should wear adult clothes.

Dressing like a giant toddler is not attractive.

Getting it all done in the time is gonna be difficult

But when you’ve worked hard at something

you got to keep working hard till it’s finished.

So, whatever it takes

It will get done

Science fact.

Andy Pyne likes to eat really late at night.

He’s making us dinner now.

It’s 9.15pm

We are hungry.


A Certain Violins

by russellshrag

Hopefully, this is a link to a video of Maya and Cat from Butcher Boy who came in to the studio this afternoon to add strings to four of our new songs. They had only been here for 5 minutes before launching in to this practice run through and it was already sounding great.

They were done and dusted in two hours. I, however, have spent four hours trying to upload this video.

you’ll recognise those skies

by helenshrag


So we did a photoshoot, and we injured the photographer in the process (he told us to take off our shoes and throw them at him while he took pictures and one of them got him in the head. I think it was probably Steph’s pointy heeled ones cos it actually drew blood). Brian the photographer was very stoical however. he didn’t really even flinch. He made Steph and I put a little bit of eye makeup on the boys. I never thought I’d see Andy Pyne in mascara, but there you go. We ponced around with flowers and dirt and climbing on plant pots for a bit and then came home and Bob got the internet to work in our flat, which felt like a major victory. Also I made dinner for everyone and it was the best meal Steph has ever eaten. But then she has been living on those packets of sainsbury’s basics savoury rice (27p) for the last week. Why do they put milk in them

Andy Miller described the stage we are at now with recording – with all the live tracks down – as ‘the icing’.  It’s a good analogy but not for the reasons I thought initially. I thought it made it sound like the fun, easy part. It is sort of fun but also a bit scary and certainly not easy. I guess icing a cake can be a very painstaking and intricate task, especially if you want a big coy Disney princess in a flouncy bridal gown and tiara with slender arm outstretched made out of icing perched on the top. Which we do. We have a lot to do and we’re worried we’ve not booked enough time, meaning we might have to book more, which is ok I guess. In any case it’s so encouraging to see how THOROUGH Andy Miller is, the man is impressive and already the tracks are sounding pretty…exciting. I guess we’ll see what happens over the next few days.

We’ve got Maya and Cat from Butcher Boy coming in to the studio this afternoon to record some strings for us. I’m excited to meet them properly and to have real strings on our songs. It’ll prolly be nice for Andy to have some real musicians in the studio for a change.

We decided we were just gonna call Andy our drummer ‘Pyne’ to differentiate him from producer Andy but it hasn’t really caught on.


Me, myself and moth

by stephshrag

T.V. has taught me two things

1) Never tell anyone your plan

2) When you think something is dead…it isn’t

The moth corpse that Bob saw is NOT my foe

That little body has been entombed in the window sill since we got here

while the evil, giant moth, happily batted around every cranny it could find

I’m not saying it was an earlier victim, you can make your own minds up about that.

The evil moth was absent from the corridor last night though

and today i find a small, strange bite on my neck

Coincidence? I think not.

Records take a long time to make.

The weather out the window is cold, grey and windy.

We have to go and do a photo shoot in a bit.

Bring two outfits, they said

We can pretend it’s two different days.

Andy Pyne says he’s just gonna turn his t shirt inside out.

“You’re gonna fool no one” I said.



Is Vic There?

by bobshrag

I think Steph won the battle. There is a winged insect in the shape of a moth belly up on the window sill. It didn’t stand a chance. Just like that poor snail.

Last night Russell and I hit the town to see Davey Henderson’s band The Sexual Objects. His amp is tiny so he has to crouch down and press his face against it. They are fun but sound a lot like Subway Sect. Must be that Vic Godard fella on vocals. Would have liked to have seen more of Mr Henderson. He’s pretty small anyway but a crouching Davey Henderson is just unfair. I did give him a hug afterwards though.

It was good to get out of Hamilton but now I have the milf of all hangovers. On photo shoot day too. But it’s good to look haggard in a photo, right? That way people will say “wow you look so much better than in that awful photo”. Last time I was photographed by Brian Sweeney was in 2000. I was younger then but probably hungover.

Andy’s favourite food is a really long roll.


Dirty Wine

by russellshrag

Bob and I are on a date in Glasgow. This is the wine we bought at Stereo.

Shrag are unable to converse without a “Dirty Bastard” or a “Dirty Bitch” being wheeled out for an imaginary double entendre. It makes speaking to decent human beings difficult once we meet them again outside of the Shrag.

A wine with a slightly rude name passes for humour between us. I sent a picture of it to Helen who commanded I “Blog IT!”

Here it is. What the Internet was made for.


She drinks the men under the table.

by helenshrag

Dirty bitch.